Helping a Disabled Relative or Friend Buy a New Home? Here’s What to Look For

The search for a new home is difficult enough for the average person, but if you’re helping a friend or relative who has a disability, there are even more things to be aware of. If you’re not sure quite how to tackle the housing market, here are a few things to look out for so that you can be sure your friend is getting the home they’ll need.


Consider The Flooring


Hardwood can be a great benefit when it comes to clean up, but it’s also the type of surface that can make it a lot easier to slip and fall. While carpet can be a better option for this reason, hardwood is not necessarily a deal breaker if your friend wants to utilize the option of area rugs.


Handrails And Grab Bars


In all likelihood, there will not be available handrails and grabs bars located in many houses you view, but it’s important to ensure that these can be installed without incident. While the shower is one area that you will not be able to avoid this, it can be quite expensive to replace so this may serve as a deal breaker.


Look Out For Levers


It may sound like a strange detail, but doors knobs can be inaccessible for many people so it’s important to check out the handles throughout the house. Lever handles are a relatively easy install, but the costs can stack up in a home with a lot of doors, so it may be best to choose a home that already contains the levered option.


With A Wheelchair


While there are many things that can assist the disabled in a home, there are a lot more things required if your friend uses a wheelchair. In addition to having walk-in closets that are accessible, it’s also important that the home features wide doors and hallways, open areas and wheelchair access to all entrances, if possible. Many of these items may not be present, but the ability should exist to have them added in if they’re required.


When helping a disabled friend search for a new home, there are a variety of things you’ll need to look for, from handheld bars and grips to lever door handles that will make their life easier. If your friend is currently on the market for a home, you may want to contact one of our local real estate professionals for more information.

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